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“Men call upon God, because, and only because, He has answered before they call. Men suffer at His hands, because they require to be healed at His hands. Such is the case between God and man, as it is manifested in Jesus. And He is master of the situation in virtue of His Resurrection. For in the tribulation of our existence, in our sighing and questioning, in our seeking and crying, He reveals the riches of divine salvation and divine healing, which are the hidden roots of our tribulation.” p. 383 The Epistle to the Romans

Again Barth is so quotable and poetic in his prose. Why do we call upon God? Why do we suffer at His hands? All answered in this short passage. We sigh, question, seek, and cry…and through these God reveals salvation and healing. The question, the paradox, why do we suffer so…we suffer to be healed. The paradox in Jesus Christ, from death there is life.


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