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“The Love of God cannot be tangibly observed or concretely assessed either in individuals or in the generality of men. The Love of God is not a ‘property’, which men may achieve or inherit, or which inheres in them. Rightly understood, there are no Christians: there is only the eternal opportunity of becoming Christians–an opportunity at once accessible and inaccessible to all men. As men of the world, we are all at all points and always confronted by God Himself as God. For it is He who has first loved men; He who opens up the gulf on the right hand and on the left, and deprives men of every possibility, except one, of returning His love;” p. 321 The Epistle to the Romans

Barth on the Love of God…I’m thinking about the line “there are no Christians…”.


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“Love towards God is a humiliation, so well aware of its intention that it excludes confident questionings and no longer claims its rights. Love is a desire so intense that it has already tasted its fulfillment, and therefore cannot be disturbed or extinguished. Love is a peace, so deep that it is at once the highest rest and the highest unrest. Love is an awaiting of redemption, so great that it need wait for no time or event. Not-knowing, it already apprehends God; and apprehending, it knows no longer the vanity of our existence. Love of God is therefore the unobservable place where the consummation of all things has already been completed.” p. 320 The Epistle to the Romans

Read this at least 2x to yourself, and once out loud. There’s much in here that you may not get at first glance. Reflect on this…I’m still wrapping my mind around it. One point of confusion for me is this: Barth starts by talking about the “love towards God”, but then describes only “love”, until the very end where he describes “love of God” again. So is he talking about 2 different “loves” here, or just the one?

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