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“Knowing good and evil in disunion with the origin, human beings become self-reflective. Their life now consists in understanding themselves, just as in the origin it was knowing God. Gaining self-knowledge is the essence and goal of life. This is so even where human beings seek to push beyond the limits of their own selves. Seeking self-knowledge is the never-ending attempt of human beings to overcome their disunion with themselves through thought, and, through unceasing self-differentiation, to find unity with themselves.” p. 308 Ethics

Bonhoeffer talks at length about this topic of disunion with God. I will quote more later. But here, “origin” means God in some senses, and I think in others it means the point of creation as with Adam and Eve. I could be wrong, we’ll see.

I find this very interesting. By gaining knowledge of good and evil, we separate ourselves from God, and become self-reflective. In our new state we stop reflecting on God, through which knowledge of our true selves is known, and focus instead on our self, which, apart from God, cannot be known. I can imagine we then start to formulate our own judgments about morality, and apply them to God, thereby further separating Him from us…perhaps even calling him a tyrant and hiding from Him (Adam and Eve hid from God).


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