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“It (the Gospel) can therefore be neither directly communicated nor directly apprehended…the Gospel does not expound or recommend itself. It does not negotiate or plead, threaten, or make promises. It withdraws itself always when it is not listened to for its own sake.” Karl Barth, The Epistle to the Romans

Sorry I don’t have a page number. It’s exactly 100 degrees in the room I’m in right now. Nothing I’m used to, so I’m not thinking clearly. This is just something I’m gonna try to think about in the room with the AC later tonight.


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“The Gospel is not a truth among other truths. Rather, it sets a question-mark against all truths. The Gospel is not the door but the hinge.” I will edit this and come back with the page number. This is from The Epistle to the Romans

Here is the start of my findings about what Barth says about the Gospel in The Epistle to the Romans. What do we all think of when we think of the Gospel? The good news, Jesus the savior…and so on. But take a moment to think about the strangeness of it. It places a question-mark against ALL truths. Our truths are worldly truths, while the Gospel brings Divine Truth. Its wisdom is foolish from the perspective of the world. Its truth, heresy.

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