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“Men of conscience fend off all alone the superior power of predicaments that demand decision. But the dimensions of the conflicts in which they have to choose, counseled and supported by nothing but their own conscience, tear them to pieces. The countless respectable and deductive disguises and masks in which evil approaches them make their conscience anxious and unsure until they finally content themselves with an assuaged conscience instead of a good conscience, that is, until they deceive their own conscience in order not to despair. Those whose sole support is their conscience can never grasp that a bad conscience can be stronger and healthier than one that is deceived.” p. 79 Ethics

To me, this is very powerful. I hear echoes of Soren Kierkegaard here “in order not to despair”. The bad conscience, knowing full-well that it is bad, and what is bad and what is good…is better than that which is deceiving itself into thinking what is bad is good. A distinction, between bad conscience and deceived, which we don’t often hear about.


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